Neil first fell in love with traditional music following a trip to Ireland. On returning home he searched for the Cornish equivalent and found it almost by accident! After being ‘pressed ganged’ into joining Bagas Crowd, a much loved Cornish fiddle group he headed off to study at Newcastle on the Traditional Folk Music and Song Degree. Since then, there has been no stopping him! Neil brings Cornish music to life with an unsurpassable flair and mastery.

Kerensa has been playing both as a solo musician and as a member of numerous lineups for over 25 years. Following expert tuition from the late Jim Couza & Maclaine Colston, Kerensa has taken their teachings & has developed her own unique playing style.

The music of Cove combines passion for Cornish music with that of similar Celtic traditions that first drew her to the folk music scene.

Coming to music a little later in life, Keith spent the best part of 10 years playing bodhrán at home before ‘launching himself’ onto the local trad session scene as bodhrán player. He quickly discovered a love for the bouzouki through the playing of Donal Lunny and Daoiri Farrel and other great players. Combining their influences with the sense of rhythmn derived from playing the bodhrán, Keith keeps the pulse and feel of the tunes to provide the canvas for Coves exquisite melodies.

Brought forth from the two traditions of Cornish and Irish music, Cove are an instrumental trio comprising Kerensa Wright on hammered dulcimer, Neil McMahon on fiddle and Keith Mountifield on bouzouki, whistle and bodhrán.

Blending tunes from a variety of musical traditions in much the same way that Cornish traditional music evolved with influences of visiting fishermen and traders throughout the centuries. Whether it is a concert performance or music for Nos Lowen dancing, Coves performances are full of energy and passion. The beautiful melodies, intricate harmonies, and foot-tapping arrangements all come together to create a truly magical experience for their audiences.